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Deluxe Leather Hard Case

Many of our best sunglasses and motorcycle glasses come with this great Leather Hard Case. Glasses from Kaenon, Panoptx and Wiley-X top this list. Look for the phrase "FREE" Deluxe Hard Case with this model!" in the model description. If you're buying a big-wrap pair of sports glasses on this site and they do not come with this case, you're welcome to contact us to find out if we can include one. Most prescription orders or glasses over $100.00 could qualify for a free case, and it never hurts to ask.

ADS Sports Eyewear Cleaning Kit

FREE with EVERY eyewear purchase

Includes a bottle of our Shields Lens Cleaner and 3 Micro-Fiber cleaning clothes.

This pump spray bottle contains an alcohol-free solution that is safe for all anti-reflective lens coatings, yet strong enough to remove facial oils, hair spray, and even salt spray.

The Micro-Fiber cleaning cloths have no stitching on the edges that could scratch or smudge a lens coating.  This machine washable fabric is the perfect companion to our Shields Lens Cleaner.  It lifts off dirt and oils, and can be used with or without cleaning solutions.

Note: Cleaning an AR-coated lens with the wrong cleaning solution can cause the coating to diffuse into an odd mix of faint colors.  It can look something like gasoline floating on water.

Many of our favorite Ski Goggles come with a FREE Deluxe Ski Goggle Travel Case.

This well-designed case is vented on the bottom to prevent mildew and can secure replacement lenses in the zippered top compartment.

A $30.00 value.

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