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Many of those who suffer from color-deficiency have come to accept their condition and move on with their lives, unaware of recent developments. Now, for many of the color-deficient, they have an opportunity to greatly widen their range of color perception with multiple lens options for maximum effect from your color blind glasses. If you are one of the MILLIONS of color-deficient people in the world, we invite you to try this unique product. We can also custom cut your lenses into most of the modern frames in our prescription collection. Many people may need prescriptions too, which may be an option for many of our styles if needed.

Free Color Blind Test

Online Color Blind Test for HD glasses

How does it work?

Many people have tried all the available test we have as doctors, but end up with a different lens color because of personal preference. So we send out the entire set “On the honor system” over $1000.00 in products, you pick the one (or ones) you want to keep and simply pay us for the ones you keep. We charge $299.99 upfront and will charge you nothing more if you return the test kit – less the 1 pair of glasses you want to keep. If you want to keep additional pair, you only pay $199.99 for additional pair. Many people say one is better in the sun than the other for them, its up to you.

How do Color Blind Glasses Work?

Colorblindness is often a result of a malfunctioning cone that causes wavelengths to overlap even more, resulting in poor color discrimination. The ADS Lifestyle collection of HD color blind glasses use a filter to cut out these overlapping wavelengths, allowing for a clearer distinction between colors, especially red and green. We have done hundereds of real life tests and found a set of lenses that help over 90% of those we tested !

How do Color Blind glasses work

Types of color blindness

  • Red-Green Color Blindness. Normal color vision is known as trichromacy–tri because it uses all three types of cones correctly allowing us to see so many brilliant colors. …
  • Blue-Yellow Color Blindness. …
  • Total Color Blindness.

Color blind corrective glasses cost

We have what we call our plainO glasses, that come in the above frame option. Many people once they fall in love with the lens visit our Prescription Sunglasses Section to pick a frame, sty or brand they love and then we custom make the perfect pair just for you.

Most popular looks and brands:

  • Oakley Color Blind Glasses
  • Ray ban Color Blind Glasses
  • Nike
  • Bolle
  • Panoptx
  • Smith
  • Native
  • Volugio

We also have several styles for specific activities:

  • Fishing Color Blind Glasses
  • Motorcycle Color Blind Glasses
  • Golf Color Blind Glasses
  • Hunting Color Blind Glasses
  • all these options also come in PRESCRIPTION COLOR BLIND GLASSES.


Color Blind Glasses have been said to be the best gift to give a color blind person!

Kids Color Blind Glasses

We have a selection of custom styles and frames including sports and sunglasses for children who need color bling glasses. Please call 972-800-6670 for details or request a consultation.

Do not be confused, these are not enchroma glasses, that is the name brand of another type of popular color blind glasses company and that trade mark and name is theirs!

We met with them at vision expo and hope to carry their brand soon! Keep checking back!

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