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Prescription Shooting Glasses and Tactical Sunglasses from ADS Sports Eyewear are surfaced with a new Free-Form digital lens technology to provide the best vision possible, and the most distortion-free peripheral vision. Unique accommodations can be made for shooters who require progressive lenses to focus on their front sight. First responders who require ANSI Approved safety glasses for their prescription tactical eyewear can find lots of options for these shooting glasses below. Our lab is certified to make prescription lenses for these ANSI stamped frames, and certified to make the required lab etchings in the lens when this level of certification is required.

Glasses on this Prescription Tactical Eyewear page were carefully selected with safety and optics in mind. All lenses for tactical glasses should be made from either polycarbonate or Trivex. Polycarbonate has performed extremely well for decades. Trivex is a newer material developed by the US Military. Trivex is lighter, and has less chromatic abrasion (color distortion) in the peripheral portions of the lens. For more information, see our Tactical & Shooting Glasses Buyer's Guide.

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