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Bobster Sunglasses features stylish motorcycle, tactical and shooting glasses designed for men and women. Many frames have removable foam eye seals, set eye seals or wrapped frames to ensure the eyes stay clear of dirt, dust and debris. The Convertible Series from Bobster features frames with removable temples, which can be switched out with a full head strap.

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Bobster Lifestyle Sunglasses

Bobster AXL Sunglasses

Price : $29.00

Bobster Bolt Sunglasses

Price : $34.00

Bobster Motorcycle Sunglasses with Removable Foam Eye Seal

Bobster Ava Convertible

Price : $39.00

Bobster Motorcycle Sunglasses & Goggles with Non-Removable Foam Eye Seal

Bobster Tactical, Ballistics & Safety Sunglasses

Bobster Replacement Foam Eye Seals