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Smith Prescription Ski Goggles feature the ultimate in anti-fog and optical technology. Most of these Smith snow goggles also have a dual

spherical goggle lens to eliminate distortion. Smith Ski Helmets are designed to pull air through the vents in Smith Ski Goggles. By improving airflow through the goggle the Smith anti-fog technology is even more effective.

Our all-time favorite innovation in prescription ski goggles is the Smith Turbo Fan Ski Goggles. This tiny fan keeps the goggle lens fog-free by moving air across the back of the lens. The Rx insert in the goggle is also in this air current, so both the goggle lens and the prescription insert stay fog-free. (If you only run the fan when you need it the AA battery will last for years.) All prescription Smith Turbo Ski Goggles are tax free and come with a FREE Ski Goggle Travel Case; Free Shipping; and a Lifetime Warranty! If you have any questions at all, call us at (800) 381-9083 for recommendations. See our Smith Ski Goggle Lens Color Guide for help selecting your goggle lens.

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Prescription Smith Turbo Fan Series Ski Goggles

Turbo Fan Ski Goggles have a small, multi-speed fan that moves air across the goggle lens, or even a prescription insert. This is absolutely the best way to minimize fogging. Smith provides a Lifetime Warranty on these duel lens, spherical Turbo Ski Goggles.

Smith Spherical Ski Goggles

A spherical lens is slightly bubbled to match the curve of your eye. This minimizes distortion by allowing light to pass straight thru the lens enroute to your eyes.

Smith I/O Ski Goggles

Price : $180.00

Smith I/OX Ski Goggles

Price : $180.00

Smith I/OS Ski Goggles

Price : $180.00

Smith Virtue Ski Goggles

Price : $100.00

Prescription Ski Goggle Inserts Only

NOTE: All inserts are discounted at 50% when purchased with a ski goggle.

How to Install and Remove the Prescription Universal Ski Goggle Insert: