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Smith Optics Prescription Sunglasses provide such a wide range of styles and sizes that any active person will be able to find the perfect fit for any sport or any face. The Rx lenses are generally mounted directly in the frame, and will look just like the non prescription versions with the exception of the Smith Pivlock V2 and Pivlock Asana sunglasses which have a solid shield lens and an Rx insert that is mounted behind the shield. This allows you to switch out the shield lens for different lighting conditions with only one set of Smith prescription lenses. The prescription insert for this Smith Pivlock V2 and Pivlock Asana Sunglasses also works in the Smith Turbo Fan Ski Goggles. Every pair of Smith Sunglasses protects your eyes from all UV rays, and comes with a Lifetime Frame Warranty.

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Prescription Smith Full-Frame Sunglasses

Smith Ridgewell Sunglasses

Price : $164.00

Smith Wayward Sunglasses

Price : $164.00

Prescription Smith Metal Frame Sunglasses

Smith Audible Sunglasses

Price : $269.00

Smith Nomad Sunglasses

Price : $269.00

Smith Turner Sunglasses

Price : $179.00

Prescription Smith Tactical & Shooting Glasses

Prescription Smith Elite Milspecs Ballistic & ANSI Z87.1 Standard Sunglasses

Prescription Smith Rimless & Semi-Rimless Sunglasses

Smith Captain's Choice

Price : $174.00