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Rec Specs Prescription Sports Glasses and Sports Goggles are the most popular protective sports eyewear for both children and adults alike and are available with $69 lenses. If you're not sure what will be the best fit you're welcome to order as many try out glasses as you like. All Rec Specs styles are in stock, so most try-out orders are shipped the same day we receive them. Rec Specs Sizing Information.

SALE! $69 Standard Prescription Lenses with purchase of a Rec Specs frame.

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Prescription Rec Specs Maxx Series

Rec Specs F8 Series Prescription Protective Sports Glasses and Goggles

Rec Specs Helmet Spex Sports Goggles {(Prescription Available)}
Rec Specs Sport Shift Sports Glasses {(Prescription Available)}

Prescription Rec Specs Water Goggles