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Smith Ski Goggles are some of the most optically superior goggles on the slopes. Smith snow goggles come with innovations like a micro-fan to move air across the lens (eliminating fog), spherical lens designs, and ergonomically designed frames. Smith snowboard goggles and Smith snow ski goggles are the #1 choice of both professional and recreational skiers.See our Smith Ski and Snowboard Goggle Lens Color Guide for help choosing a goggle lens color.

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See our Smith Ski Goggle Lens Color Guide for help selecting your goggle lens.

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Smith Turbo Fan Series Ski Goggles

Turbo Fan Ski Goggles have a small, multi-speed fan that moves air across the goggle lens, or even a prescription insert. This is absolutely the best way to minimize fogging. Smith provides a Lifetime Warranty on these duel lens, spherical Turbo Ski Goggles.

Smith Spherical Ski Goggles

A spherical lens is slightly bubbled to match the curve of your eye. This minimizes distortion by allowing light to pass straight thru the lens enroute to your eyes.

Smith I/O Ski Goggles

Price : $180.00

Smith I/OS Ski Goggles

Price : $180.00

Smith I/OX Ski Goggles

Price : $180.00

Smith Virtue Ski Goggles

Price : $100.00