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Wiley X Sunglasses and Motorcycle Glasses are great for people who play outdoors or like to go fast. Many Wiley X motorcycle sunglasses have a removable foam eye cup to protect eyes from wind, dust and water. The Wiley X "Light Adjusting" lenses are photochromic sunglasses that darken in sunlight. Wiley X Eyewear are worn as shooting glasses, tactical eyewear, motorcycle glasses, or any high speed application where protection from wind is important. Wiley X is prominently featured on our favorite Motorcycle Sunglasses page.

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Wiley X Active Lifestyle Sunglasses

Wiley X Peak Sunglasses

Price : $74.00

Wiley X Slay Sunglasses

Price : $74.00

Wiley X Tobi Sunglasses

Price : $125.00

Wiley X Climate Control Series Sunglasses and Glasses (Removable Foam Eye Seal)

These motorcycle sunglasses have Removable Foam Padding that allows you to convert them to regular sunglasses when wind protection is not required. Sweaty or worn eye seals can also be easily replaced.

Wiley X  Boss Sunglasses {(Prescription Available)}

Wiley X Boss Sunglasses

Price : $89.00

Wiley X Jake Sunglasses

Price : $89.00

Wiley X Tide Sunglasses

Price : $89.00

Wiley X Street Series Sunglasses and Glasses (No Foam)

Wiley X P-17 Sunglasses

Price : $74.00

Wiley X Women's Motorcycle Glasses

Wiley X Interchangeable Series Sunglasses, Glasses, and Goggles

Wiley X Tactical, Ballistics & Special Forces Protective Sunglasses, Glasses, and Goggles

Wiley X Nerve Goggles

Price : $94.00

Wiley X PT-1

Price : $55

Wiley X Slay Sunglasses

Price : $74.00

Wiley X Talon

Price : $89.00

Wiley X Echo Sunglasses

Price : $95.00

Wiley X Youth Force Series Sports Glasses

Wiley X Replacement Foam Eye Seals